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Allie L’amoreaux – Maine-Endwell

TOWN OF UNION (WBNG) - No matter the sport, Allie L'amoreaux continues to shine at Maine-Endwell with Binghamton University in her future.

A soccer, basketball and softball player, La'moreaux dominates across the board. Her final basketball season was cut short with the Spartans just three wins away from a state title. On the softball field she might not get the chance to take the field for her senior season if school doesn't resume.

Earlier in the year, L'amoreaux signed on to continue her softball career right here at Binghamton and while she would love for everything to go back to normal, she is going to be ready for whenever she is able to resume her athletic career.

"It was heartbreaking honestly they are some of my best friends. So knowing that it is our last time playing together is sad but I know a lot of us are working individually on our own, that's just great. We don't know anything else, but we're all still at it because a lot of us play summer ball so we're hoping at least that doesn't get cancelled."

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