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Gun shop sues New York State due to COVID-19 regulations

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OAKDALE (WBNG)- A gun shop along with two customers in Suffolk County has now filed a lawsuit against New York State after many gun shops in the state were temporarily shut down.

According to a Facebook post that Dark Storm Industries, a gun shop located in Oakdale, New York, made they said that they filed a lawsuit claiming that guns are a part of a civil rights of New Yorker's that the state is currently breaking.

They also noted that there were two customers who couldn't receive their guns due to the closure, one customer who wanted to get one to purchase for their safety and another one had purchased one before the closure but couldn't pick it up.

The State recently made all firearm businesses in the state non-essential with the exception being those who conduct business with law enforcement and the military.

Edward Newman the Co-Owner of the company said in a statement,

“The declaration by New York State that firearms businesses are non-essential to the general public strikes a massive blow to the civil rights of New Yorkers. The right to defend one’s home and family, especially in times of public crisis is at the heart of the 2nd Amendment.” “The actions of New York State, which amount to effectively, a complete prohibition on the purchase of guns and ammo by the general public are beyond chilling to our Constitutional rights, they are a venerable ice age and cannot be tolerated.”

The company also argues that firearms and other purchases have been the items that people have purchased over the past few weeks.

Newman said, “The people have spoken through by choice of purchases over the past few weeks, what is essential to them… hand sanitizer, toilet paper, guns and ammo”.

They also argued that with the Safe Act that Governor Andrew Cuomo created in 2013 it can make it harder for you to purchase guns.

Newman said, "New York’s draconian gun laws make it a criminal act to borrow a rifle or shotgun from your neighbor.”

To see the full lawsuit click here.

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