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Local Instacart shopper sees increase in orders

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(WBNG) -- Throughout this pandemic, many people have rose to the occasion putting other people's needs before their own.

Instacart shoppers are some of the unsung heroes, going out to the grocery stores and helping those who are vulnerable to the coronavirus or following stay at home orders.

Kelly Nadwodny of Binghamton has been an Instacart shopper for about six months.

"I know one grocery store very well, I like to stick around there but if the money is right, I'll go to a different grocery store. If I'm in the area, then I'll go to another grocery store. But generally, I tend to stick with Wegmans honestly," she said.

Since the coronavirus outbreak, she says a trip to the store has dramatically changed.

"Before this it was a lot of college students purchasing groceries because they couldn't get off campus. Now it's moms, dads, grandmas, grandpas, entire blocks that are purchasing food for themselves and one another," said Nadwodny.

She says there's been a dramatic increase in orders in recent weeks, due to many people staying at home.

"It went from short days where it went from you would get maybe a couple orders a day to people doing 10 or 12 orders a day. From eight in the morning to 9:45 at night," said Nadwodny.

The inside of the stores she shops have changed too, but many customers understand the lack of product.

"They're trying to get things on the shelves as quickly as they can but a lot of people are understanding, if they know they order toilet paper or paper towels it's not always going to be in. They're just hoping it's in," said Nadwodny.

While many people can't go out, Nadwodny says she is happy to lend a hand.

"I don't have the virus, I'm not sick at the moment, I'm not immunocompromised, so I want to be able to help someone the way I can and getting them their groceries, well some people can't do it. It's a big deal," she said.

The community is returning the favor the best way they can.

"People are more generous with their tips because they don't have to go out of the house," said Nadwodny. "You have people thanking you. They're like, 'Thank you so much, I don't want to leave the house, my husband has this.' So they're just more generous."

You can place an Instacart order online by clicking here, or by downloading the Instacart app.

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Annie Flaherty

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