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Fitness tips to avoid the ‘quarantine 15’

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(WBNG) -- Getting into a fitness routine can be difficult in general, but during quarantine it may be even more challenging.

Jenna Moore is Binghamton University's Director of Fitness and Wellness for Campus Recreational Services, and owner of Jam Fitness - a fitness studio in Vestal.

"There's so many options right now to stay physically active from the convenience of your home while maintaining social distancing," she says.

The fitness industry has had to adapt amid the coronavirus pandemic, meaning your workouts may look different.

Moore says every fitness trainer in the studio has decided to teach routines online.

Jam Fitness has turned to virtual classes as a way to keep the Jam family together.

In addition to the regular classes, the team has added new classes, including Zumba for kids and recovery/stress relief yoga classes.

"We're really excited they have this as part of their routine still intact and can connect with their fitness friends," says Moore.

If you cannot access online classes, Jenna shared other ways to get on your feet at home.

"There's a lot of things around the house, you'd be surprised will work just as well as hand weights. If you're looking for lighter hand weights, grab two water bottles or two cans of beans out of your pantry," she says.

Jenna also said if you want something heavier, using a bag of flour or loading a backpack with books will do the trick.

Jenna also suggested affordable ways to implement cardio into your routine.

"If you're looking for cardio to do at home, purchase a jump rope for less than ten dollars. Grab a resistance band anywhere from for $10 to $25," she says.

With technology readily at our hands, you can also turn workouts into a friendly competition with your friends, through social media or Fitbits or Apple watches.

"Tagging ten of your friends and saying you know I challenge you to ten pushups. That's the accountability piece. It's like okay I got tagged, I have to do it," Moore says.

No matter which way you choose to stay active, it comes back to finding a balance between mental and physical health.

"People always ask me what is the best workout to do, and my answer will always be, whether you're in quarantine or not, is the workout you like to do that keeps you consistent and showing up," Moore says.

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