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Deposit mom shares difficulties, rewards of homeschooling children

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(WBNG) -- With kids out of school due to the COVID-19 crisis, many parents are finding themselves being a teacher and a parent.

When those kids are younger, it can be a challenge.

For Julie Tiffany of Deposit the idea of teaching younger kids isn't a new one.

"I'm actually training to be a school teacher," she says.

Even so, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit and schools close, the idea of homeschooling her own son who is in kindergarten was a concept new to both of them.

"The first few days I think my son thought it was kind of like a game and he was all for it," she says. "Then the next week was when it kind of spiraled a bit and I had to figure out what the best way for him to learn was."

She says while the basis of that learning still comes from his homeroom teacher, one of the biggest benefits of homeschooling is that she is able to tailor the rest specifically to her own child.

For her son that means less time sitting at a desk and more time outside using play as a vehicle for learning.

"Knowing that he likes construction I can take construction trucks and put it in front of him while he's learning adding and subtracting," she says. "You just drive a car away if you're subtracting,"

On the other hand Tiffany stresses that mother-son relationship does have it's drawbacks when it's time to learn.

"I think the biggest challenge is trying to keep him on the view of I'm not just his mom anymore I'm his teacher and he tries to get away with a lot," she says.

Despite the challenges that have come from homeschooling for the first time, Tiffany says as the two worlds blend together in a sense it provides clarity.

"I've learned a lot about my child and how that he can read like a champ things like that that you don't see at home you only see in school, so if you're not in the classroom you don't usually get to see that," she says.

Tiffany says her biggest piece of advice for other parents taking on the challenge of homeschooling young kids are drink coffee and be patient, she says this is just as new to them as it is to us.

Jack Arpey

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