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Mothers giving hope while working hard on front lines and home during pandemic

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(WBNG) -- With Mother's Day coming up, this year is looking different with moms having to juggle both extra work during a pandemic and their children at home.

Moms are incredible, from not only taking care of their families, but also working hard in jobs like healthcare, teaching, emergency services, and so much more.

One mother at UHS Wilson in Johnson City, Theresa Blake, has been working long hours in its microbiology department to run tests to help determine diagnostics for viruses like the coronavirus.

"The labratory is like those behind-the-scenes employees that people don't really ever see or think about," said Blake who is a clinical labratory technologist.

When Blake is done her long shift at the hospital, her work isn't done. She goes straight home to then help take care of her 11-year-old daughter, husband, and two dogs.

She says she's lucky her husband can work from home to help with her child and other duties around the house. However, she says working on the front lines and being a mom still comes with many demanding challenges.

"It's a lot," said Blake. "There's always that little bit of mom guilt where I'm at work and my kids are always at home or wherever they might need me but… it's just finding a balance of that guilt and knowing that you're doing an important job here as well."

In a time when it's tough to keep our family members close and hug them tight, Blake says moms give a sense of hope that everything will be okay in this pandemic and they will get through it together.

Blake says she will be hard at work this Sunday for Mother's Day.

Anne Sparaco

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