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Johnson City Renewal 20/20 project weeks ahead of schedule after COVID-19 closes schools

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JOHNSON CITY (WBNG) -- The Johnson City Central School District 20/20 Renewal project is weeks ahead of schedule after the coronavirus crisis cancelled school for the year.

The 20/20 Renewal Capital Improvements Project has two major goals.

One is to renovate the K-8 building and site into the 21st century. This includes new STEM labs, a bigger cafeteria and more.

The second is to update school safety.

Assistant Superintendent of Administration Eric Race elaborated, "Secure entrances for both the elementary and middle school which that building didn't have... we're reshaping the entire front of that building and how people flow in and out and how buses arrive and drop off students."

And because the pandemic shut down New York schools, the project is way ahead of schedule.

"Basically starting today, we have turned the K-8 building and that entire site into a full blown construction project like we had anticipated, planned for June 29, so we're hoping we're gaining five, very valuable weeks to a school construction project timeline," he said.

Race explained the majority of the project should be done by September 1, with a small portion wrapping up by November, if not sooner.

Julia Gorman

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