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Tioga County ASAP holds virtual family scavenger hunt

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(WBNG) -- Staff at Tioga County Allies in Substance Abuse Prevention says they are looking for ways to continue engaging with families despite the COVID-19 crisis. On Saturday, that came in the form of a virtual scavenger hunt over Zoom.

"Just as much as it's important for us to continue engaging with families, it's important for them to continue engaging with us," said Jenna Layton, co-coordinator of Tioga County ASAP.

She says it's part of an initiative called Parenting to Prevent.

"Just doing one activity a week can really lower the risks or the chances that your child may experiment or get into alcohol and other drugs," she said. "We're really encouraging you to have those open conversations with your kiddo, and part of that is building a relationship and becoming closer."

For parents like Wendy McClore of Barton, she says she's able to spend plenty of time with her kids during the crisis, but finding activities to do together is another story.

"It's very limited what you can do and where you can do it, and the kids are always bored. You know you can only push that homework so many times," she said.

That's why Layton says she and her fellow staff members came up with the idea for the scavenger hunt.

"We create a list of about twenty items -- some of the items may be in the front yard, some in the backyard or anywhere around the house," she said. "We give them two minutes to come back on with that item, and the first family to get it gets two points."

McClore said the activity was a hit in her house.

"They enjoyed doing it and we worked well as a team," she said, adding that she was grateful for the opportunity to have some fun with her kids.

"I think it's a trying time for children right now because they're so used to being occupied at school and seeing their friends and right now I'm their only friend so It's important to let them know that I can be a cool friend too."

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