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New York State Police: ‘We respect your right to peacefully protest’

new york state police

(WBNG) -- After a weekend of violence and looting across the state Saturday night, New York State Police posted a message on Facebook Sunday afternoon, asking the public to obey the law while protesting the death of George Floyd in Minnesota. The former officer in the case was charged with murder and manslaughter.

The announcement came after protests turned more problematic in other parts of New York. Two protests in Binghamton ended peacefully Saturday afternoon.

In the letter, New York State Police Superintendent Keith Corlett told troopers that he is proud of the work they have done and pleaded for law enforcement personnel to "do better".

"We must continue to be compassionate, empathetic, supportive, and professional, to every person we come into contact with," the letter stated.[0]=68.ARAPnoHigJ84TeWhagOjy6-Dbc7j7LSuOKA0EGanjlaPlTGehUOaYRGrt_ydLvYCVDPwpze8tS5FidiWBno8CmBFzrkXrn8qoexwZRugj8TNc1tUfqTqehPjx9k-w4KRfr0-662-wf5t91IDv3m_E2uQO8_sXu6ueazJx7WmWlPFO9TuScQfPHMTGi21e675-ATuZiSd2FxQZqZ3UpGwbwIDdssPuR5IZ7Za34rIEPtbHbrCjjDPuZirNmeMrggiwrlbB7fMS83pCg_oMhVaVwX7a5EaprkwevlPCaR9OTYUz-eKTH9AzZSj0lW7oljK88DShpJ5VZfe60jsZs4gY6j7og&__tn__=-R

State police continued in the post, telling the public, "We understand you are hurting. We understand you are angry. We are too. The majority of law enforcement are people who want to make a difference and care for those in the community we serve. That was not displayed by a select few last week."


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