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Who’s on the ballot?

New York Primary Election 2

(WBNG) -- Below is a list of all the candidates running in the June 23 New York Primary Election.

Polls will open on Tuesday at 6 a.m. and they will close at 9 p.m. To find your polling location, click here.

If you are mailing in your vote, your vote must be mailed in by June 22.

Federal Races:

22nd Congressional District

  • Claudia Tenney (R)
  • George K. Phillips (R)

19th Congressional District

  • Ola Hawatmeh (R)
  • Kyle Van De Water (R)

State Races:

126th Assembly District

  • Daniel B. Fitzpatrick (R)
  • John Lemondes Jr. (R)

124th Assembly District

  • Christopher S. Friend (R)
  • R.C. Ike (R)

122nd Assembly District

  • Victor Furman (R)
  • Nicholas R. Libous (R)
  • Joe G. Angelino (R)
  • James P. Powers (R)

Broome County:

Family Court Judge

  • Stephen K. Cornwell (R) / (C) / (I)
  • Veronica M. Gorman (R) / (C) / (I)
  • Hollie Levine (I)

County Legislator District 2

  • Carolyn W. Price (R)
  • Scott D. Baker (R)

Chenango Superintendent of Highways

  • Derin Kraack (R)
  • Earl Stinson (R)

Colesville Superintendent of Highways

  • James P. Bulger Jr. (R)
  • James R. Niles (R)

Conklin Superintendent of Highways

  • Brian Coddington (R)
  • Chris Ostrowsky (R)

Fenton Councilman

  • Franklin W. Sager (R)
  • David A. Gunster (R)
  • Richard Pray (R)

Nanticoke Councilman

  • Kenneth V. Barlow Jr. (R)
  • Dan Baker (R)
  • Micheal K. Holden (R)

Nanticoke Superintendent of Highways

  • James R. Shear (R)
  • Jacob H. Slack (R)

Windsor Supervisor

  • Mark L. Odell
  • Kevin Kennedy

Tioga County:

Town of Candor Town Justice

  • Mari K. Townsend (R)
  • George R. Williams (R)
  • Leslie P. Swartz (R)

Chenango County:

Smithville Town Justice

  • Jordan R. Lilley (R)
  • Angelo R. Cioffi (R)

Smyrna Town Justice

  • Kyle-Jacob Thomas Fitzpatrick (R)
  • Tammy J. Powrie (R)

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