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Diocese of Syracuse to file Chapter 11 Bankruptcy


SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WBNG) -- The Diocese of Syracuse will reorganize under Chapter 11 Bankruptcy following multiple lawsuits filed under the Child Victims Act.

In a statement, Reverend Douglas J. Lucia, Bishop of Syracuse, says more than 100 lawsuits have been filed.

“Without a reorganization, the Diocese and claimants will face a slow, unpredictable and costly process that would require years of court involvement," said Lucia.

"The challenge this situation presents to our Diocese is simply that one jury award could so diminish our assets that we would have little or nothing with which to resolve the other claims or carry on the important ministries of the Diocese," he said.

Lucia also said without reorganization, justice for victims will be delayed and their "pain and suffering" will be prolonged.

The Diocese says it intends to create a "Victims Fund" with the funding from the diocese itself and insurance carriers.

HOPE Appeal, Catholic Charities, Catholic Schools and other organizations are not affected by the filing, the Diocese says.

Lucia says he apologizes for the "heinous acts" and says he is committed to ensuring they will not happen again.

For more information, go to the Diocese website by clicking here.


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