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Schenevus Class of 2020 donates $1,500 to charity after senior activities fall through

Courtesy: Schenevus Central School District
PHOTO CREDIT: Schenevus Central School District

SCHENEVUS (WBNG) -- After many of their end-of-year events were cancelled due to COVID-19, the Schenevus Class of 2020 decided to use the money they had raised over the year to donate to charity.

Like for many seniors, for those at Schenevus High School, it was a disappointing senior year. Students told 12 News their senior trip, day trip to Great Escape and others were all cancelled due to the pandemic.

The class turned this upset, however, into an oppourtunity.

When their planned community service project fell through, they decided to use the money they had raised for some of these events and donate it instead.

Cutting three checks each worth $500, the class made contributions to the Susquehanna SPCA, Maryland Fire Department and Oppourtunities for Otsego Emergency Shelter.

Senior Peyton Darling explained, "Especially with our fire department, the way they make their money, they have a carnival every year in our local town and they make a lot of money off that, but they can't do it this year, so they're really, really struggling with money right now."

For the Susquehanna SPCA, Executive Director Stacie Haynes said the money will go toward building a new shelter that will provide for countless animals.

It's a project that focused on the possible.

Senior Samantha Dixon said, "Things got taken away from us and things get taken away from people everyday, so I think it's a good thing to give back."

And, leaves a meaningful mark on the community.

"I think that they have really set an example and proven that they're really leaders in the community," said Haynes.

Julia Gorman

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