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Religious, private schools see victory in recent Supreme Court decision

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(WBNG) -- Tuesday's Supreme Court ruling against Montana's exclusion of religious schools in a scholarship program could mean more funding opportunities for private schools across the country.

While this Supreme Court decision was sparked by outraged families in Montana, it could have impacts in many other states, including New York.

Catholic Schools of Broome County president, Elizabeth Carter, says she sees this decision as a victory for religious schools because it creates a more even playing field for the education system.

"The idea behind it is very good in the favor of all religious schools," said Carter. "How it will end up, we have to see."

The 5-4 decision is considered a win for Education Secretary Betsy DeVos and private schools. However, many argue that religious schools already receive tuition and shouldn't receive the public funding.

Carter responded to the opposition, saying, "We could always use more funding because our tuition that we charge is not equal to the cost of educating students, so we always have that gap there."

In addition, many also believe in the separation of church and state, which Carter also responded to, saying, "The whole entire education piece is not about religion. Religion is infused in there, so it's a little strong to be saying 'we shouldn't support these schools because they're teaching religion.'"

If this change were to take effect in New York State, this could make it so state taxpayer funds are available for children to attend religious schools in the form of voucher programs. New York is currently not on the list of 15 states that have private school voucher programs.

Anne Sparaco

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