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Cornell Students develop website to ease loneliness caused by quarantine


JOHNSON CITY (WBNG) -- A team of students from Cornell University developed a website back in April to assist those feeling lonely as a result of self isolation and quarantine.

The website called Quarantine Buddy has users fill out a quick form of their interests and what they have been doing recently, and then uses an algorithm to properly pair them with individuals of the same interests.

In the beginning, the developers thought it was just going to be used by their close friends, until Governor Cuomo found out about it and mentioned it during one of his daily briefings.

After that the user base took off, the developers say they now have thousands of users in 127 countries.

"We've heard some great stories from people who signed up, like two people who said their buddies were the reason for them to get up in the morning and things like that, so it's been really inspiring to us in that sense. Also we think its really good for people who are all going through the same issue to talk to someone about it and talk to someone outside of their social circle," said Jordyn Goldzweig, one of the developers of Quarantine Buddy.

The website also offers and tracks virtual events that you can attend with your buddy.

Chris Overby

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