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Cuomo: Announces school reopening guidelines, issues emergency health order


(WBNG) -- Governor Andrew Cuomo announced guidelines for schools to open and requirements for out-of-state travelers in a briefing on Monday.

Governor Cuomo announced that schools may open if the region is in Phase Four and if the daily infection rate is 5% or lower during a 14-day average because the unPAUSE was lifted.

Cuomo said that schools will close if the region's infection rate is above 9% during a seven day average after August 1. 

He also announced that the state is issuing an emergency health order mandating travelers from states on the quarantine list must fill out a form of where they have been and where they are going before they leave the airport.

Cuomo said that if individuals fail to fill out the form before leaving the airport, they will be fined $2,000. He said this will help enforce quarantining in the state. 


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