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David Peterson reflects on his MLB debut

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PHOTO SOURCE: Instagram: David Peterson

(WBNG) -- David Peterson never anticipated his Major League Baseball debut to take place the way it did.

The 24-year-old lefty took the mound at Fenway Park without his wife, family or friends in attendance, but said he could feel their support from across the country.

"Since I was a little kid dreaming about that moment, I didn't dream about it with no fans and in a pandemic," said Peterson.

After originally getting drafted by the Red Sox out of high school in 2014, getting the start at Fenway held extra weight for him.

"No matter what my debut was going to be special obviously, but doing it at Fenway versus somewhere that I don't have really have any sort of connection or anything, it definitely heightened the moment for me and I was more excited," he said.

Peterson said manager Luis Rojas called him the morning of the start, telling him he was officially getting the ball. He said his excitement began during warm-ups, and he didn't begin to relax until the first out which didn't happen how he expected it to.

"In all the times I've had dreams about my MLB debut, I've never dreamed of giving up a single off the wall and the guy getting thrown out at second for my first out," said Peterson.

Peterson followed his first out with his first MLB strikeout - getting J.D. Martinez to go down swinging. "To have him be the first strikeout, it helped me relax even more." Peterson went on to strike out Martinez again in the third inning. He finished the game with three strikeouts.

Former Rumble Pony Pete Alonso shared encouraging words with Peterson as they left the field after the first inning, causing Peterson to break out in a smile captured by the cameras. Peterson said his wife's friend turned it into a GIF.

"Pete said something to me and I said something back and it was just a little exchange there. Basically just I got out of my first inning and he's really good at doing that, keeping it light."

The only trouble Peterson ran into came in the third. A bases loaded, no-outs situation resulted in Peterson allowing just one run.

"It's definitely a nerve-racking situation in my debut with the bases loaded and no outs, especially against that lineup," said Peterson. "I mean just trying to focus on my breath and focus on what I needed to do was the biggest thing I needed to do to stay calm in that moment."

Peterson pitched 5 2/3 innings, scattering seven hits and allowing two runs.

"I tried to take as much as I could in once Luis took the ball and I was walking off," he said. "Once I got on the bench I had like a permanent smile on my face, it was a dream come true."

Peterson said he still hasn't fully processed his debut, and parts of it are blurry. He spent time today watching big moments back and hearing perspective from his family and friends who have pointed out things he didn't realize at the time - like his first pitch.

"I had no clue how bad it was until one of my friends posted a story and I was like 'wow, that was out there.'"

With the hardest part out of the way, Peterson is ready to get back out on the mound.

"I've worked so hard to get to that point, but now it's about working hard to stay here in the big leagues," said Peterson. "Achieving one goal is just opening the door to a whole bunch of new goals for me."

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