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State Educational Dept. guidance prohibits schools from supplying hand sanitizer on buses


WINDSOR (WBNG) -- The New York State Department of Education has stated that schools are not allowed to supply hand sanitizer on school buses.

This is due to the combustible composition of the sanitizer.

The guidance states that schools themselves cannot supply the sanitizer, however students can still bring their own personal bottle of sanitizer.

Cleaning the buses in between routes will become a critical part of schools cleaning plans.

Superintendent of Schools for Windsor Dr. Jason Andrews says, "Those high surface, high touch surface areas like hand rails, seats etc will be sanitized in each run. At the end of the day our buses will be cleaned, we purchased disinfecting misting equipment so that the entire interior will be sanitized."

Although schools cannot supply sanitizer on the buses, there will be plenty of sanitizer at the school once students arrive.


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