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Local 9-year-old sells fresh produce roadside


TOWN OF CHENANGO (WBNG) -- On his family's farm, 9-year-old Donovan Grant is selling produce he's been growing since march.

At his stand, Donovan sells blackberries, squash and laid eggs.

Cynthina Grant, Donovan's mom, says they started growing the produce when it was decided he wasn't going back to school this fall.

"We figured this would be a good homeschooling project that would teach him about science and math," Cynthia said.

At his stand, Donovan does everything himself. From setting up the stand, to setting the prices and picking all the product.

"He goes in the chicken coops," Cynthia said. "He picks the chickens. That's not my thing."

The stand has been up since Tuesday and Donovan's product has been selling out every day since.

Donovan says the reason he wanted to sell produce was to invest in his future.

"I thought this would be a good idea for me to save money for college," Donovan said.

Donovan plans to add pumpkins, tomatoes and corn to the stand this fall.

Cynthia says she's proud of her son for sticking to this project.

"This is actually one of the first things he's actually stuck with to fruition and he's seeing the fruits of his labor," Cynthia said.

If Donovan could give any advice to others in the community...

"If they see a child run this too," Donovan said. "They can do the same as me."

Robyn Hearn

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