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Bridgewater responds to allegations of mistreating residents


BINGHAMTON (WBNG) -- Bridgewater Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing is speaking out, following recent allegations of mistreatment with its residents.

In a Facebook post created by Isaiah Shuford on August 24, he argues that Bridgewater "needs to change or needs to be shut down" due to the treatment of the residents there. You can read the full post by clicking here.

The administrator of Bridgewater, Branden Maloney, was stunned when he first saw the post and allegations.

"I was shocked," said Maloney, "This employee was never a Bridgewater employee, he was the employee of a subcontractor that works in the kitchen. From talking with them, he was let go, but not for the reason which he is alleging, and he never brought up any allegations that had to do with resident care, abuse, or neglect."

Following the post, Maloney said they didn't waste any time to start looking into the matter.

"When the allegation came out, immediately we started investigating the situation and got statements from everyone to make sure that everything was in line."

Maloney also broke down what happens when complaints are made.

"If someone makes a complaint of abuse or neglect, we go to the resident involved and do a full assessment of the resident," Maloney said, "We also have a social worker interview the resident to make sure they're alright. Then we start an investigation, and with that investigation, if any employees are found accused of abuse or neglect, they are suspended and put on investigation until we figure out what happened."

Maloney said during their investigation, they have not found anything to support the allegations being made by Shuford and have not received any recent complaints about workers at the center.

Bridgewater says in addition to the corporate liaison they have to handle complaints, they are also currently working to create an online reporting system to make it more accessible for residents, families, and the community. Both are confidential.

12 News is working to get an interview with Shuford to hear his side of the story. We will bring you that as soon as we can.

Scott Sasina

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