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The future is bright for the Bulldogs entering year 4

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BINGHAMTON (WBNG) - Three years ago the Bulldogs came to Binghamton with uncertainty following. In that short time the team has become a main attraction.

Jimmy Evans and Meribeth Derkach introduced the Bulldogs to Binghamton in November of 2017.

"My passion is basketball so bringing those two things together, business and basketball for me personally was a great idea, it was a dream job," said Bulldogs owner Jimmy Evans.

In just three short years, the city has recognized the team as their own.

"We've been blessed that the community has really bought into us and believes in us and it's just been a roller coaster the whole way," said Evans.

"Our main strength is our fan base," said co-owner Meribeth Derkach.

The Bulldogs have a fan base that rolls deep. No matter which venue the team plays in, the Bulldog faithful has followed.

"After the game they can give them a high-five and tell them how great they did and that's where our focus lies is we are really tangible to our fans," said Derkach.

On the court, the team has had success since day one.When putting a roster together these team owners are thinking about a lot more than just talent on the floor.

"We want to bring in talented people to our community but also quality citizens to our community," said Evans.

As the two owners celebrate three years of success, they hope the next three will be even better.

"There has been a lot of hard work that goes into this," said Derkach.

"We do go home after and take a deep breath and say that feels really good," said Evans.

The Bulldogs will compete in the East Coast Basketball League next season. Evans is eyeing an early January start.

Jacob Seus

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