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Big Dipper says pandemic couldn’t ruin the 2020 barbecue season

APALACHIN (WBNG) -- A Southern Tier barbecue staple is preparing to serve some of its final customers of the season.

Big Dipper Barbecue in Apalachin is closing for the winter next Sunday, September 27. 12 News spoke with the restaurant when it opened back in March about the concerns they had during the pandemic. On Tuesday, staff explained while people learned the social distancing rules quickly, not everything was smooth sailing.

However, they say the lessons learned will help prepare her for next year.

"Financially we're okay, because we already purchased all the tools that we can use, and right off the bat having everything marked, the way we have had the concrete marked, have the signs up, have the pylons up and have 6 foot to keep people safe from one another," said Jennifer Bennett.

Bennett said she decided to keep her outdoor seating section closed this year. As a seasonal business, she said she couldn't risk being shut down for two weeks.

For restaurants that will remain open throughout the winter, she recommended finding any way to do outdoor seating. She suggested a large tent or gazebo, and heat lamps to help avoid the cold.

Josh Rosenblatt

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