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Susquehanna SPCA launches PAWS Program


OSTEGO COUNTY (WBNG) -- The Susquehanna SPCA announced on Sept. 21 the creation of the "PAWS Before You Pay" program, aimed to educate, inform and even empower consumers in New York.

The program highlights the importance of adopting and buying healthy animals from responsible breeders and shelters instead of puppy mills, which animal advocates say are only in the business to make money and do not care about the pets themselves.

The SPCA also stressed that buying an animal from a puppy mill could even leave you with making a gut wrenching decision: putting your animal down.

Animal advocates spoke about how often times pets from puppy mills turn out to be sick with deadly diseases like parvovirus, leaving their owners to decide if it's financially worth keeping their pets.

"I can't tell you the number of calls that I get," said Libby Post, executive director of the NYS Animal Protection Federation."The animal has parvo. What should I do? Well, you have three things: The first thing is you have to make the decision whether or not you want to spend thousands of dollars above and beyond of what you've already spent to care of this animal and get it through parvo, which is not a guarantee because parvo is a deadly, deadly disease for puppies. You can make the decision to put the animal down which is a heart breaking decision to make."

The announcement is timely as September is National Puppy Mills Awareness month.

For more resources to educate yourself on the Susquehanna SPCA click here.


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