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Former America East Pitcher of the Year looking ahead to 2021

PHOTO SOURCE: Binghamton Athletics

BINGHAMTON (WBNG) - After getting drafted by the Texas Rangers in 2019, former Binghamton Bearcat Ben Anderson's baseball career came to a halt when the minor league season was canceled this yaer.

"Went out for spring training and within a month we were all going home," said Anderson.

With no baseball, Anderson is back home in upstate New York, the first time he's been home during baseball season since high school.

Anderson has had to get creative with his workouts. The pitcher has brought players across the area together to train.

"I think we had four pitchers, two pro hitters, and then other college guys, a couple high school guys and we did what we could for the summer," he said.

Since being home, Ben has gotten to watch his twin brother Ian make his MLB debut with the Braves.

"To finally see him get up there and do what he did it was extremely impressive. He's doing great, we are looking forward to watching him in the playoffs," said Ben.

Last week, with Ben and family watching on TV, Ian threw six shutouts innings to help the Braves clinch a wild card series win over the Reds.

"I haven't seen him pitch in person in a while," said Ben. "Probably since I was catching him honestly."

Ben is hoping he will get the chance to watch his brother from the stands.

"We'll see what happens it would be nice to go and see the World Series if they make it that far," he said.

For now, Ben's focus is to get in top shape and prepare himself for a full season in 2021.

"I just want to make sure my body is ready to go, I've been relaxing a lot here so I am ready to get back to work," said Ben.

Jacob Seus

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