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Show of support: Village of Greene turns blue for law enforcement

GREENE (WBNG) -- Residents in the Village of Greene are speaking out in support of local law enforcement.

On Tuesday, October 6th, hundreds of residents and businesses lit their homes and storefronts with blue lights, sending a message to police officers across the Southern Tier.

That message is one of solidarity residents say, and they hope to raise the spirits of local law enforcement.

"They're out there protecting us and keeping us safe. We wanted to honor them at a time when things are a little bit different in our country right now," explained Greene resident Ben Johnson.

"Everyday they suit up and travel. They leave their home, and leave their family. It's way different than many of the rest of us who sit behind a desk."

Organizers of the show of support say there isn't a set period of time they plan on keeping the blue lights on, but say they encourage those participating to keep them up as long as they see fit.

Dan Conklin

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