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Ahead of virtual open house, Johnson City teacher talks strategy to success, despite the screen

JOHNSON CITY (WBNG) -- With so many events turned virtual, the Johnson City Central School District is adapting the open house experience into an online format.

Johnson City fifth grade teacher Taylor Plocinski is preparing for her school's virtual open house.

Normally in-person, she's tackling the added challenge of a screen between her and parents by offering personal meetings on top of the group session.

"We wanted to make sure that we set time aside that we could address specific needs, wants, concerns with the parents about their own specific child beforehand," she explained Tuesday.

When parents are then brought all together, the plan is to talk about more big pictures topics like home expectations and schedules.

She's putting this plan in place to nurture the parent-teacher relationship that she said is extra important this year.

Plocinski elaborated that she hopes to establish herself as resource for parents, for the benefit of the students.

Julia Gorman

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