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From homeless to hero: One dog’s journey to join the Owego Police Department

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OWEGO (WBNG) -- Most police dogs are born and bred to join the force, but for Maggie, her story is a little more unique, starting her life as a stray.

"She was set up to go with someone who had a paid kennel, and she was at that kennel for a little," said Andrew Pike, an Owego police officer and Maggie's handler. "Her owner never picked her up, so she got sent back to the shelter."

After being adopted a second time, that family left her behind as well. That's when the Southern Tier Canine Association stepped in, seeing potential in the pitbull and Belgian malinois mix.

"High drive, a lot of energy, very sweet, she's a good combination," said Pike.

Maggie went from being a stray to passing her narcotics and tracking tests. The Southern Tier Canine Association then donated her to the Owego Police Department, along with $6,000 in equipment for her daily job. That's where she met her new co-worker, Officer Pike.

"She's almost connected at my hip. I went out to the garage the other day from the house, and my family said she was standing at the glass door the whole time watching, waiting, waiting for me to come back," said Pike.

For Maggie, she's now found a lifelong partner, family, and a purpose.

"You've got a partner that's with you 24/7, man's best friend, who wouldn't want that?" Said Pike.

To follow Maggie's journey as a police dog, you can check out her social media on Facebook and Instagram.

Katie Jones

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