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Parts of the Northeast to see first snowfall of the season


(WBNG) -- The same storm system that brought rain to the Southern Tier Thursday night into Friday will continue on its slow track off towards the north and east. As it does, the low pressure is expected to bring snow to the mountains of northern New England on Saturday. The burst of snow will leave behind a few slushy inches, especially at higher elevations. Even though it is only October, this snowfall event is right on par with the climatological average for first snowfall in this part of New England.

Although there is no snow in the forecast here locally, the region is no stranger to early snow. On average the Southern Tier's first snowfall occurs during the month of November. Yet, snow has been known to fall much sooner with some of the earliest snowfall events occurring in October!

Binghamton's earliest snowfall event on record has occurred twice on Oct 2. First in 1974 when 0.1 inch fell and then more recently in 2003 as 0.2 inch was measured.

Even more remarkable is how inevitable snowfall is during the fall months. There is just over two months between the record for earliest snowfall and the record for latest first snowfall in Binghamton. Unfortunately, that means those frozen crystals will be falling from the sky sooner then some might want.

Jason Doris

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