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Armenian Community of Greater Binghamton holds peace rally to help spread awareness

aremina peace rally

BINGHAMTON (WBNG) -- The Armenian Community of Greater Binghamton held a peace rally today to bring awareness to the attacks happening at the Armenian borders.

The rally members began at the Armenian Genocide Memorial on Conklin Avenue and ended on State Street.

On September 27, the Armenian borders were attacked by Azerbaijan in the Artsakh Region. The war has been going on for the past three weeks.

The local Armenian community invited Binghamton residents to join their prayers for peace and help spread awareness of the attacks happening against the country.

The community is also asking for the United States government's help to stop the attacks on the country.

Alex Melikian, rally leader and Binghamton University student, says it was important to hold the rally in Binghamton to bring awareness to what is happening.

"It's happening now and there's not a lot of recognition for it," Melikian said. "What we've seen in the media, not a lot of people know about it. And we need to bring attention to it sooner than later because later it might be too late."

The community also mentioned for more information about what is going on at the Armenian borders and how you can help, visit

Robyn Hearn

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