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DOT workers ask you to be mindful while driving on the roads this winter

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slow down move over

KIRKWOOD (WBNG) -- DOT workers have started preparing for winter and are asking drivers to be careful near working plows.

Ahead of the winter season, workers are getting their plows ready, checking safety gear, and stocking up on salt for the season. Moving tons of snow daily requires a lot of preparation.

"We always have three storms worth of salt on hand," said NYSDOT Region 9 Public Information Officer Scott Cook.

Before you know it, you'll see the large yellow plows on the road. Some plows have wings that can extend across the highway, often travelling at slow speeds to keep drivers safe. Getting in the way of one of these plows can be unsafe for both you and the DOT plow operator.

"A company truck full of six people drove right into my wing," said Chuck Zurenda, a plow operator.

He says he couldn't believe what happened, but these situations end up being more than common for DOT road workers.

"It does get concerning when you are out there. Our responsibility is to keep the road clear, and you get the erratic drivers that come up," said Tina Bennett, a highway maintenance worker.

When you're out driving in the snow, follow the DOT's safety rule of "Slow Down, Move Over".

"If you don't cooperate, you are blowing that plan of safety that we have. It's our number one goal in everything we do," said Cook.

If you do see DOT workers on the road, do not attempt to pass one. Passing a plow that is moving snow could cause a whiteout, and potentially a car crash.

Katie Jones

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