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Endicott glass recycling project attracts local company

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(WBNG) -- Village of Endicott officials are looking into bringing a glass recycling facility to the area, and now a Binghamton-based startup company is hoping to get involved.

Endicott officials say they want the village to become a clean energy capital, and one of the biggest projects on their list is a glass recycling facility.

"It's a huge saving, and that's a saving we could see right away," said Deputy Mayor Cheryl Chapman.

According to the village, glass waste makes up about 40% of the weight and cost during transportation.

"That's a direct impact to our taxpayers and our residents," said Chapman.

To reduce those costs, village officials want to take that glass and recycle it into something new. That's where KLAW Industries comes into play. They specialize in grinding down the glass.

"[We] take waste glass from recycling facilities and turn it into a cement replacement in concrete," said COO Jacob Kumpon.

The concrete, known as Pantheon, can lower costs for construction companies, as well as benefit the environment.

"A pilot plant in our area would save 180 tractor-trailers full of glass from going to the landfill, and would have the CO2 savings of taking 700 cars off the road," said Kumpon.

KLAW Industries is now working on the next step of establishing a pilot plant. If all goes well, they could soon call Endicott their new home. KLAW says they will be working with local companies, like Taylor Garbage, to aquire that glass for recycling.

Katie Jones

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