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Binghamton athletes ahead of the game for Election Day

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VESTAL (WBNG) - The NCAA is giving student athletes across the country the day off from practice on Election Day 2020.

One team taking advantage is the Binghamton women's lacrosse team, led by head coach, Stephanie Allen.

She said the team is 100% registered to vote.

"We've had just a lot of interest this year and questions from our student athletes about how to get registered and how to get involved," said Allen.

Allen said it was important for her and her staff to give the team a platform to share their voices.

"Got to share with our group all the tricks and tools to getting registered and filling out absentee ballots and really just about the timing of it all," said Allen.

For most girls on the team, it's their first time voting in an election.

"My team personally has been having very mature conversations for 20, 21 year olds and our house has been talking a lot about voting," said junior Sofia Afkham.

"Being a student athlete, I have a pretty big platform both in the school and outside of the school," said junior Sidra Morchower.

Morchower and Afkham have already done their part and voted.

"Making my voice heard and informing other people about making their voice heard is super important to share," said Morchower.

"It's really emphasizing the importance of voting and I truly believe every voice matters and ever vote counts so I really think it's a great initiative they installed," said Afkham.

Now, they are encouraging their teammates to take advantage as well.

"I will be encouraging my other teammates if they haven't already voted to do so," said Afkham.

"Encouraging my teammates and friends to get out there and vote," said Morchower.

Jacob Seus

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