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Cuomo calls for end to state loopholes keeping police despite misconduct


NEW YORK (WBNG) -- Governor Andrew Cuomo called for the closure of bureaucratic loopholes that have been allowing police officers to maintain their credentials despite records of misconduct.

Governor Cuomo said he and the state will be making proposals to ensure officers who break the rules or abuse their power do not remain in their position.

Cuomo said, " If a police officer is not qualified or does not perform to the standards for one police agency, that doesn't mean you take a person who acted unprofessionally and you let them go work in a different police department."

Cuomo acknowledged the state is attempting to reestablish "the police, community relationship", and says every community in the state is going through a re-imagining of police departments.

He said, " I want the people of this state to know trust is a two-way street and the police should trust the community and the community should trust the police, and the conditions exist for both of them to do it."

Abigail Lane

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