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Broome Co. Health Dept. says its in ‘constant’ communication with hospitals amid rise in virus cases


(WBNG) -- Governor Andrew Cuomo announced Monday that New York could go back "on pause" if local hospitals are overwhelmed.

The news comes at a time where coronavirus cases are spiking within the state and nation wide.

Here in Broome County, the Health Department says they are in constant communication with the hospitals, adding that they have been meeting reguraly with local hospitals since March and check in to see at where the bed capacity is.

They say with the uptick in cases, it's important to check in regurlarly with healthcare workers and make sure they and the hospitals are functioning well.

The Health Department adds that they have assistance with the medical reserve corps for help with health needs.

They add that the spikes Broome County is seeing right now is tied to work sires and in peoples households.


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