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Live updates: NY-22 challenged votes court hearing

Brindisi, Tenney

2:15 P.M. UPDATE:

(WBNG) - Court has adjourned for the day as Justice DelConte works to reach a ruling. DelConte said he would upload his ruling shortly.

DelConte asked, "what's more important, getting this done, or getting this done right?"

Both lawyers had nothing to add during closing arguments.

1:30 P.M. UPDATE:

(WBNG) -- 12 new ballots were found in a drawer in Chenango County last week, DelConte revealed. That's on top of 55 ballots that had previously been discovered after DelConte asked for final vote totals.


1:21 P.M. UPDATE:

(WBNG) -- Claudia Tenney's lawyer begins by reiterating the position that Brindisi's team failed to file a legally valid petition for relief, and therefore can't have their requests granted.

Justice DelConte asked Tenney's lawyers who has jurisdiction to hold Board of Elections accountable. The lawyer is arguing the courts (this one in particular) have limited ability to do so citing a case in Albany.


(WBNG) -- A New York judge today will hear oral arguments in the court case which will help decide the outcome of the razor-thin race in New York's 22nd congressional district. Justice Scott DelConte is set to hear from lawyers from both incumbent Democrat Anthony Brindisi's team and Republican challenger Claudia Tenney.

The two campaigns have proposed different plans for how to move forward with the case. According to court filings, Tenney's team - who is up by 12 votes - has asked the judge to allow the counties to certify that result.

Brindisi's team is asking the judge to hold off on allowing a certification until they can sort out errors made by county boards of elections. DelConte has called those errors "serious."

Court proceedings are set to kick off at 1 p.m. We'll update this page with updates from court.

Josh Rosenblatt contributed reporting from the virtual courtroom

Ricky Sayer

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