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Finding The Good: Lending a helping shovel

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ENDWELL (WBNG) -- After last week's record-breaking snowfall, many around the Twin Tiers are left trying to dig out. But a group of young men is making things a little easier.

George Phillips, along with Luis, Pablo, and Juan Quintero all stepped up to help their neighborhood after it was slammed by snow.

"We came outside to play in the snow and you know with a lot of snow there comes a lot of cleanup and things like that," explained Luis Quintero, "So we all decided to just walk around the neighborhood with shovels and see if anyone needed help."

One of the people that needed help wasn't very far away.

"Georgie's grandfather needed some help actually clearing out the driveway because the snowplows went through and were trapping a lot of the cars in the driveways," said Luis, "So after we decided cleanup his driveway, we saw some of the neighbors had snow covering their driveways so we thought why not help out some of the other people, help out of the community."

So they got right to work. Which was a wonderful surprise for their neighbor, John Perricone.

"For all the lamenting about the youth of today, imagine my wife's and my delight when we saw these four young men shoveling out our snow after the plows had just come through," said Perricone, "And they weren't doing it with any expectation of payment or reward. They were just executing a kind gesture."

A kind gesture that hasn't gone unnoticed.

"I posted about it on Facebook and literally 800 people shared it, it went across the world and apparently it restored a lot of people's faith in humanity. Something we all seem to need right now" added Perricone.

But these boys don't really seem to care about fame. It's more of the impact they're making through their actions.

"Yeah it's really great to see all of the support and you know, just seeing some good deeds like this, it's kind of like a pick-me-up during these hard times," said Luis.

"Even though they didn't ask us, it's still something, a good deed to do, when you're out helping others when they haven't asked you," added George Phillips.

"The roads were covered and we knew that people were having a bit of trouble with their driveway and stuff, so we just helped," said Juan Quintero.

"It's fun shoveling snow, but it's also great to help other people in your community and it really strengthens and brings hope, especially during these tough times," explained Pablo Quintero.

Perricone added that he believes the boys aren't the only ones who deserve a little praise for their actions.

"I'll tell you, I taught school for 31 years and when you see really good kids like that, you know it's a reflection of really great parenting to kudos to the parents as well."

Proving that something as simple as shoveling a driveway can make a lasting impact.

To check out the original Facebook page made by John Perricone, click here.

Scott Sasina

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