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NY-22: A professor weighs in on what the empty congressional seat could mean for you.

BINGHAMTON (WBNG) - If you call the Washington office of New York's 22nd congressional district, you won't be greeted with the name of a representative. The seat may sit empty, but staff continues to work out of the congressperson's office, helping people with matters that don't require a congressperson themselves.

The seat became vacant Sunday as a new congress was sworn in. The fate of NY-22 is currently held up in court 2 months after election day.

Kristi Anderson, a professor of Political Science at Syracuse University, said constituents will still be able to get much of the same help as usual. 

“Constituents will still get services, you know the normal kinds of services offered by a member of congresses, [if] they have problems getting their social security check or they have problems with their military discharge papers arriving or whatever it might be,” she said.

Anderson says there are some constituents will be disenfranchised without a representative in congress.

The vacancy disrupts anything that Brindisi was working on but that it would be disrupted anyway if Claudia Tenney wins, Anderson said. The longer the vacancy last, the higher the risk that NY-22 could lose out from the benefits that come with a representative lobbying specifically on behalf of their district.

The vacancy could prevent specific initiatives that impact New York-22 from becoming legislation, Anderson said.

Ricky Sayer

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