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NYS Supreme Court continues to review challenged NY-22 ballots

(WBNG) -- Progress has been slow but steady, and now the voters across New York's Congressional District 22 are one step closer to finding out who they've elected.

The New York State Supreme Court continued to review challenged ballots from Broome County on Tuesday. The court had hoped to begin reviewing Oneida County's ballots as well, but the process proved to be too time-consuming.

There are more than 300 of these challenged ballots in Broome and more than 400 in Oneida.

Republican challenger Claudia Tenney currently leads the former incumbent Democrat Anthony Brindisi by 29 total votes in the race. The challenged ballots the court is reviewing could easily swing the race one way or another.

Many of the legal arguments in court Tuesday focused on what errors a voter can make before their ballot is deemed invalid, such as not listing a street address or voting at the wrong polling site.

Review of Oneida's challenged ballots will begin on Wednesday; this is the last county whose ballots have yet to be reviewed.

The court has not given any indication of how many ballots it has already ruled on, and what impact if any these ballots will have on the race.

Josh Rosenblatt

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