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‘Shameful lies’: PA Gov. Wolf rejects ‘baseless’ claims of election fraud

(WBNG) -- In Pennsylvania Wednesday, state officials took a stand for what they say is the integrity of their elections.

The governor and secretary of state told 12 News Pennsylvania had a fair and secure November election, calling any reports to the contrary as "shameful lies".

Earlier this week, the state senate refused to seat the winner of a hotly-contested election. The incumbent Democrat narrowly defeated the Republican candidate by a few hundred votes in the race.

Even before protesters stormed the Capitol, PA Governor Tom Wolf said whether it be state elections or federal ones, the results should be accepted.

"They claim to believe that Pennsylvania's election was compromised and that our electoral votes are suspect," Wolf said. "This of course is a shameful lie. The very democracy that these lawmakers swore an oath to behold is at risk here."

Several federal lawsuits have alleged fraud in the presidential results for the state, but Wolf said none have been successful so far. The governor added the same has held true in the state courts.

Josh Rosenblatt

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