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January has been warmer than average so far – could this change?

(WBNG) -- January 2021 has brought us above average temperatures so far in Binghamton. As of the January 11th climate information from the National Weather Service in Binghamton the average temperature this month is 26.7°F. This is 4.2°F above average for the period January 1 through January 11.

Average temperature January 1 through January 11 in Binghamton

This may seem quite warm, but out of the 70 years of weather records in Binghamton it is relatively unremarkable. 20 years have been warmer than 2021 so far.

The warmest year on record was 1998. The average temperature through the first 11 days of the month was 40.2°F.

The coldest first 11 days of January occurred in 1968 when the average temperature was 7.1°F.

2020 was noticeably warmer. The average temperature was 31.3°F. This was the 5th warmest start to a year since records began in 1951.

The highest daily temperature this month was 38°F on January 2 and the lowest daily temperature was 13°F on January 9.

Looking ahead through the 3rd week of this month, the pattern continues to suggest above average temperatures remaining in the northeast.

Temperature outlook across the country
Temperature outlook in New York and northern Pennsylvania

There are some signs starting to show up in the long range that a large-scale pattern change could develop in the Northern Hemisphere around January 21 or 22. If it develops, it may allow for colder weather to settle into the northeast to end the month. How long it could last, or even, will it definitely happen, are two questions that will become more clear as the month progresses!

Howard Manges

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