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Binghamton is in the midst of its longest period without precipitation in years

For much of November and December, Mother Nature brought her wrath down on the Twin Tiers and it seemed like it would never stop. Round after round of precipitation moved into the region including the record breaking snowstorm that dumped forty inches of snow and the Christmas Eve rain storm that lead to flooding of the Susquehanna River. A total of 9.55 inches of precipitation fell between November 11 and January 4 which is the most on record for that period.

By the start of January, many across the area were hoping for a break in the active pattern just to catch their breath. Thankfully, the precipitation hiatus finally arrived.

No measurable precipitation has fallen in Binghamton now since January 4th. That is nine days with no precipitation! This is the most consecutive dry days in a row since September of 2017.

List of most consecutive days without precipitation in Binghamton since 2010.

Although it may not be the most consecutive days in a row without precipitations, this stretch ranks eighth since 2010.

It is quite remarkable to see the difference in the number of green boxes representing the days with precipitation in Binghamton for the months of December and January.

Unfortunately, this streak of no precipitation will not last too much longer. There are a few chances for precipitation in the short range forecast between Thursday and Sunday.

Best chance for precipitation comes Saturday when rain and snow will move through the Southern Tier.

For the latest on the forecast make sure to stay with 12 News, Your Weather Authority.

Jason Doris

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