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NYS Senate election reform bills could transform elections statewide

(WBNG) -- New York is one step closer to reforming what some say are its antiquated election laws.

The New York State Senate passed a comprehensive series of bills this week that would transform the electoral process. They still need to be passed in the state assembly and signed into law by the governor, both of which are expected to happen.

State Sen. Rachel May (D, District 53) told 12 News these bills include making absentee ballot voting easier, automatic voter registration and efforts to ensure more ballots aren't challenged during the canvassing process.

As a member of the state senate's elections committee, May said Wednesday these bills are just the very beginning of what she hopes will be a complete overhaul of the system.

"Making sure the petitioning process is fair, especially to people in rural areas where it's really hard to go door-to-door, especially in the middle of winter, so we're working on a lot of different angles of making our elections more fair, more accessible, and making the outcomes something you can be proud of," May said.

May, whose district includes all of Madison County and parts of Oneida and Onondaga, said many of the errors made in the congressional race for NY-22 could be fixed by these new bills. Notably, she said counting absentee ballots earlier, one of the measures passed in the state senate, would have prevented some of the bottleneck around counting and reporting vote totals.

Josh Rosenblatt

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