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Supply chain expert: Why Cuomo’s plan to buy vaccine directly from Pfizer is a bad idea

(WBNG) - A supply chain expert in Upstate New York on Tuesday warned against Governor Cuomo’s plan to acquire vaccine directly from Pfizer. 

Burak Kazaz, a professor of Supply Chain Management at Syracuse University, said Cuomo's plan would threaten the ability for there to be enough vaccines for other states who are receiving vaccines from through the federal government.

“I want to make sure people understand that's not necessarily the best way to handle things, Kazaz said. "If New York acquires more it might actually be taking away from another state."

Because the manufacturer is already producing at full capacity, it's possible that  in order to provide extra vaccines to New York State, that Pfizer may be unable to give an amount of vaccines to the federal government where it could be distributed to other states.

Kazaz said it's important that the process of distributing vaccine is done equitably.

The vaccine manufacturer said the federal government needs to approve the plan. Kazaz said they shouldn’t do that.

The government needs to incentive vaccine makers to increase production, Kazaz said.

Ricky Sayer

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