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Village of Endicott trustees vote to rescind controversial recycling law

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(WBNG) -- Village of Endicott Board Trustees have voted to rescind a recycling law that would have allowed corporations like SungEel MCC to operate recycling facilities in industrial zones.

Trustees voted three in favor of rescinding the law, zero against, and one abstention. Endicott Mayor Linda Jackson did not vote on the change.

Nearly all residents at Monday night's hearing called for trustees to rescind the law, citing health and safety concerns. Residents say they have been fighting for an end to Endicott's battery recycling project for a year now, and would not like to see another situation similar to IBM.

"You want to draw people to Endicott, you don't need a legacy like IBM because that drives people away. People get sick and then no longer stay in the area, then they get strange illnesses. That's no longer an attractant, that's a repellent," said Endicott resident Craig Stevens.

While SungEel has not re-filed for a permit from the DEC, residents are still worried about future recycling companies looking to make their home in the village. This would include another recent project from the village, which would create a glass recycling facility.

"It will leave the barn door open for the village to keep this law in place for other recycling companies who have similar processes of SungEel, they will come to Endicott," said Endicott resident Ellen Connett.

Residents opposing the recycling law say they would like to see other green-friendly industries in the area, but not without certain regulations. This change will now prevent recycling facilities in industrial zones within the village.

"Until we have the best language possible, and proper restrictions can be put in place, we need to learn from our past mistakes in order to protect our future," said Terri Farrell.

Katie Jones

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