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Endicott mayor denies inappropriate behavior during Monday’s public hearing

linda jackson

(WBNG) -- During a nearly six hour village board meeting, many residents expressed concern about Endicott Mayor Linda Jackson's etiquette during the call.

12 News received multiple messages from viewers regarding Mayor Jackson's behavior, including some questioning as to if she had been drinking. A 12 News reporter at the meeting can confirm the mayor was holding and drinking from a wine glass during the zoom call.

Mayor Jackson denies she was drinking, saying she was having dinner with Deputy Mayor Eileen Konecny. She also says she was actively listening to residents during the call.

"I can control how I react, and I think I am just going to keep on going on and trying to do the best I can," said Jackson. "People are going to find fault with me no matter what I do, so I thought, I'm going to do the best I can."

To read more about the details of Monday's public hearing, head to this link.

Katie Jones

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