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Binghamton students create Student-Athletes of Color for Success group

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(WBNG) -- Binghamton University student-athletes of color created the Student-Athletes of Color for Success group to have their voices heard.

"A lot of people look up to a lot athletes," Binghamton sprinter and triple jumper Brittany Korsah said. "I think we have a power to use our voice."

Korsah wanted a space for student-athletes of color to have open discussions about race.

"We had conversations with our coach about how we were seeing the lack of diversity in our school and how the amount of people who looked like us were dwindling down," Korsah said.

With the help of her teammates, they created SACS.

SACS officially got off the ground this summer. When volleyball player Tyra Wilson heard about it she knew she had to be a part of it.

"With everything so heightened with just attendance of several protests, I was just amped up and figuring out ways I could contribute more," Wilson said.

During their meetings, SACS has guest speakers and their coaches to participate in the discussions.

"Being able to talk with coaches at our school was a great way to open up and say things that may have not been able to be said otherwise if it wasn't in that safe space," Wilson said.

Korsah says they also wanted this group to be a space that will help student-athletes after college.

"We want people to have great alumni connections and opportunities in the future And feel like they had a support systems," Korsah said.

Even though SACS is just getting started, they already have plans to use this group to reach out to future recruits of color.

"We do have that in the works that we do have that safe space in this sea of white there is something there where we can all come together," Wilson said.

Robyn Hearn

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