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Doctor offers advice for parents supporting social-emotional needs of students


(WBNG) -- The Chenango Valley Central School District is working with doctors to provide advice to parents on how to best support students, especially if they are learning remotely.

Dr. Tanya Pellettiere, a clinical psychologist, says she has never received so many phone calls from concerned parents. In her experience, the pandemic has brought increased anxiety and depression in many students, especially those in middle and high school.

"Mostly an increase in exacerbation of symptoms for kids that struggled even before isolation, those that were already genetically vulnerable to depressive symptoms and anxiety," said Pellettiere.

Pellettiere says it is important to take the time to listen to your children, ask questions, and provide socialization whenever possible. Many students feel they are missing a key aspect of their lives, including their friends and interactions at school. She also says it is important for parents to step back and ensure their mental health is table as well.

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