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NYS Department of Labor warns of unemployment fraud


(WBNG) -- The New York State Department of labor is warning that scammers are using personal information stolen from worldwide data breaches to get their hands on unemployment money.

The Department of Labor says if you receive an official communication from their office about benefits you didn't apply for, it could be fraud.

Staff at the career center in Tioga County say they've been working with people who have been impacted by the scam.

Manager Sherri McCall says if you receive such a mailing, don't just ignore it.

"If you get something from the New York State Department of Labor about a claim please do not throw it away there's instructions on the bottom on some of the paperwork saying if it's a fraudulent claim you can report it, and it shows you how right on the page," she said.

She says staff at the career center are happy to assist anyone in need of help dealing with a fraudulent claim.

You can also report it yourself by clicking here and here.

Jack Arpey

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