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20 days without a vaccine shipment: Concern grows for rural Susquehanna hospital


SUSQUEHANNA, Pa (WBNG) -- Barnes-Kasson Hospital in Susquehanna, Pa., has gone 20 days since their last shipment of the coronavirus vaccine.

It's a reality that is causing concern as the thousands of people waiting to get vaccinated in the area must continue to do just that.

Executive Vice President Dave Passetti said the hospital has not vaccinated anyone who won't be able to get their second dose. That's because of a trend he picked up on early in the vaccination rollout in Pennsylvania.

"It seemed pretty evident early on that there was something wrong, I'd say around week three," Passetti said.

"It was very suspect on whether or not we were going to get the second doses as promised. At that point, we started preparing for that situation," he added.

Passetti says they are on daily conference calls with the state to try and understand the situation and learn when their next shipment is arriving.

Right now, there is no next shipment of vaccines.

Kienan Dixon

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