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Owego Apalachin out of snow days, will go remote if needed

OWEGO (WBNG) -- The Owego-Apalachin School district is fresh out of snow days, and the district says they're changing the way they handle any bad weather days from here on out.

Superintendent Corey Green said that the weather has been challenging so far this school year, and they've used every one of their allotted snow days.

While students have gotten several days off out of the deal, that won't be the case moving forward if the district determines it's unsafe for students to travel to school for the rest of this school year.

"In normal fashion what would happen is we'd have to cut into vacation days later on in the year, going to remote learning days allows us to not do that," he said, adding that it would enable them to not interfere with family vacations.

Green said the district's experience learning online through the pandemic has made it easy to flip the switch and start the day from home on little notice.

"We've been very progressive with technology, we have one to one iPads for all of our students, our students take them home every day just in case we're in this scenario of an emergency day," he said.

He said now that the kids have had the opportunity to get out and have fun in the snow with their days off, the new policy will prevent disruptions later in the year.

The parents we asked on Facebook seemed to be okay with it.

"I think it's fine. We have had a ton of snow days. I prefer this over staying longer in the summer," wrote Kathryn Zepkowski.

Andrea Renee agreed saying "I am ready to start spring break and summer as soon as possible. I’ll be sending my child to the daycare for virtual learning as he would be going there anyways, why not do virtual while there!"

As for the kids who may be disappointed they won't be getting another day off any time soon, Green is urging them to think ahead.

"When June rolls around, This allows us to get out a little bit earlier than we'd normally be able to if we went over the number of snow days," he said.

Several other districts indicated earlier in the year they would be following a similar policy if they ran out of snow days.

Jack Arpey

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