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Tioga County says vaccine access is expanding for county residents

Tioga County health

OWEGO (WBNG) -- Tioga County Public Health says it's becoming a bit easier for county residents to get a COVID-19 vaccine.

Public Information Officer Kylie Holochak credits the addition of appointments at pharmacies as well as a more robust vaccine supply statewide for the change.

She says while the county struggled at the beginning to keep up with demand, she says people who are eligible for the vaccine should be able to get an appointment somewhere in the county.

"The past few weeks once we're posting those links, the registration is not filling up as rapidly as it was at the beginning," she said. "I think we're seeing that all across New York state that those who are able to be vaccinated their able to really find vaccine appointments at this time."

The county is holding a clinic Thursday, which is now booked, which was opened to essential workers, individuals over the age of 60 as well as those with comorbidities. By contrast, many earlier clinics were only open to certain essential workers, even after other groups were made eligible by the state.

Jack Arpey

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